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12 Pastel Shin Colours USD$35

A – Jaune Brilliant No. 1
A – Naples Yellow
A – Jaune Brilliant No. 2
A – Shell Pink
B – Brilliant Pink
A – Lilac
B – Lavender
A – Horizon Blue
A – Blue Grey
B – Verditer Blue
A – Green Pale
B – Emerald Green Nova

Pretzel Brush Rest USD$7.50

Pink Lotus Leaf Brush Rest USD$9.20

Watermelon Brush Rest USD$7.50

Gold and Silver Watercolor Paint Set USD$21.80

Black Velvet Travel Brushes Set of 4 – Sz 2,4,6 & 8 USD$136

14 Color custom set @ USD$3.50 = USD$49

  1. DS Lunar Black
  2. WN Mars Black
  3. HB Chinese White
  4. WN Titanium White
  5. WN Perm Rose
  6. WN Rose Madder Genuine
  7. HB Opera
  8. HB Cobalt Turq Light
  9. HB Marine Blue
  10. SH Blue Pale
  11. SH Indian Yellow
  12. SH Purple Grey
  13. SH Terre Verte (Yellow Shade)
  14. HB Davy’s Grey

Total USD$266

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Terms and Conditions for customized sets:

– no returns/exchange

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Dimensions 12.3 × 6.3 × 1.3 cm


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