For Kerry – Custom Selected Colors




Winsor Newton – Quinacridone Magenta
Winsor Newton – Cobalt Violet
QOR – Quinacridone Magenta
QOR – Ultramarine Violet
Holbein – Opera
Holbein – Bright Violet
Holbein – Permanent Violet
Holbein – Cobalt Violet Light
Daniel Smith – Cobalt Violet
Daniel Smith – Duochrome Violet Fantasy
Daniel Smith – Duochrome Arctic Fire
Daniels Smith – Naples Yellow
Daniels Smith – Mayan Yellow
Daniels Smith – Mayan Red
Daniels Smith – Lunar Earth
Daniels Smith – Burnt Tiger’s Eye Genuine
Daniels Smith – Lunar Black
Daniels Smith – Ultramarine Blue
Daniels Smith – Lunar Violet
Daniels Smith – Amazonite Green
Daniels Smith – Rhodonite Genuine

Each qtr pan comes with a magnet at the bottom, holds approx. 1ml of paint, hand-poured over brim and allowed to dry. Paints will shrink and might crack after it has been dried.

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