All Colours of the Rainbow

I am not quite sure what my hobby is? Watercolour painting or “collecting” watercolour paints? But both are sure enjoyable.

When I started painting in 2018 I soon realized that whole tubes of artist grade watercolours are often very expensive and I can barely ever finish a whole tube of paint, not even the 5ml ones. A small amount of artist grade watercolour paints is often more than sufficient for a big painting. What was I to do with the rest of the tube?

That’s when the idea to open up this shop began. Loads of fellow artist were looking also for good quality paints but didn’t want to pay the full price on a tube, or couldn’t find certain brands in their home country.

I am constantly on the hunt (yeah! Retail Therapy) for new sources, brands and sets – let me know if you have any brands or products you think would make a great addition to my shop. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter – I won’t spam you, promised (but will give you a 15% discount voucher).

Happy Painting.

Yours truly,

Owner and Chief WaterColourHoarder